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I’m super into these transparent items for the summer and the best way to match it would be with lace or something similar. Even with a lace bra during the summer season.

Transparent t-shirt from Bershka and Lace top from Bikbok (Sweden).


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Stated to re organize my rom again. I want to change this decoration to something even more minimal. Any suggestions? I also want to add some silver details or some plants since my Aloe Vera plant gave up on me…Can not even take care of myself and now I want to take care of plats… what am I thinking??

He was called William the 2nd btw, named him after my frog that I took care of as a house pet when I was little… :’)


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So, as I told you guys before I’m going to try to do some posts in English. Just so my international readers can understand it too. I’m still not used to it so I will switch from time to time.

As you guys know I went to Manarola in Cinque Terre for my 25th birthday totally alone. I wanted to do something different for ones and to rest. I was free from all time and reasons. Well, there was some hiking so not much of physical rest but totally worth it. Since I’m going back soon to explore some of the other villages around I wanted to share the pictures from the first time in Manarola. It’s definitely worth a visit for those that are traveling to Italy this summer. Absolutely breathtaking and you have a gorgeous view just by 15 minutes walk away from the train station. The local people are really nice as well and I would suggest you guys to go hiking to get to Riomaggiore or Monterosso al mare for getting to the crystal-clear beach.


Pic for insp

Today’s inspiration is all about pearl inspired surfaces, colors and fabrics such as artificial silk or satin in cream or ivory. New ideas on my mind…


1U9A1488 1U9A14731U9A14681U9A15631U9A15521U9A15821U9A15491U9A1550For about a month ago I did a collaboration with Sotraonline. We did a shooting in Milan with around 6-7 beutiful pieces from their Pre-Ramadan/Ramadan collection 17. I can’t wait to share more pictures with you guys.

The kaftan I’m wearing is called Iffat Kaftan and you can find it here.

Photographer: Sogol Sobhi.



This post will be in English as you guys can see, I think that I soon will start making posts in Iranian as well, great idea no? haha.

Anyways, for a while ago I did collaboration with Oribagu for their backpacks and now the pictures are finally ready!

I got to choose between lots of backpacks and of course my favorite was the marble one. What I liked most about the backpack was the shapes and clear lines that give the bag a great structure as you can see on the pocket.

You this backpack and other kind of animal inspired backpacks on their website.

Click here for more variations. The one I have is called Black Gorilla.

Photographer: Sogol Sobhi.


Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 09.58.49Godmorgon folket!

Jag är tillbaka, inte från någon paus från bloggen om det nu såg ut som det utan från en resa till Iran under en månad. För er som följer mig på Instagram (@meelinaz) har säkert sett att jag varit bortrest och sett en del bilder jag laddat upp från Tehran. Åkte till Tehran för en del jobb och för att få en ny kollektion uppsydd. Åkte inte själv denna gången utan tog med mig Chiara, min italienska flatmate som jag bott med sedan tre år. Det har varit en underbar resa och denna gången har man fått se mer sevärdheter som vi visat runt Chiara alla möjliga platser i Tehran. Staden är så stor att jag själv inte hade sett visa platser själv tills idag. Har en milliontals bilder i mobilen och kan inte vänta tills jag visar er alla fina ställen.

Saknar Iran redan!