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So, as I told you guys before I’m going to try to do some posts in English. Just so my international readers can understand it too. I’m still not used to it so I will switch from time to time.

As you guys know I went to Manarola in Cinque Terre for my 25th birthday totally alone. I wanted to do something different for ones and to rest. I was free from all time and reasons. Well, there was some hiking so not much of physical rest but totally worth it. Since I’m going back soon to explore some of the other villages around I wanted to share the pictures from the first time in Manarola. It’s definitely worth a visit for those that are traveling to Italy this summer. Absolutely breathtaking and you have a gorgeous view just by 15 minutes walk away from the train station. The local people are really nice as well and I would suggest you guys to go hiking to get to Riomaggiore or Monterosso al mare for getting to the crystal-clear beach.

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